Ring of Light Bulbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard Package and Courier Package?

We offer two very different services. Our Premium Taggers are all inclusive with barriers and an on site operator. These taggers are water resistant and completely customisable to suit your needs or event.

Our Couriered laser taggers are perfect for younger players or on a budget. They're easy to use and are simple to operate. The best part is that they can come to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Can Adults Play?

Yes! When we're booked for adults things become a lot more serious and competitive. Our taggers can be specifically optimised to recreate military simulations. This heightens the need for increased stealth and teamwork to survive.

Do you use real lasers & is the infrared light dangerous to the opponents eyes? 

No real laser is used. We use the same infrared emitters used in 90% of all remote controls. They are completely safe and harmless! 


How does the equipment work? 

The equipment uses an infrared light to emit a coded signal. The signal is picked up by three sensors worn on the head and the sensor of the competitor’s tagger. The information goes through the on board computer to register the hit on the taggers. The tagger says "Ouch" and the 4 sensors flash to indicate the hit. A life is deducted. 

Do the taggers make a noise? 

Yes each tagger has both SCI-FI noises and many real, modern day, military sounds. Every time you shoot, reload, get hit or deactivate the tagger, it speaks to you. 

Our couriered taggers are set with SCI-FI noises only.

What is the youngest age? 

The tagger weighs 2.6kg. An average 7 to 8 year old (and older) can comfortably carry the tagger for the length of the skirmish. Our Couriered taggers weigh about 1kg, these are great for all ages.


What if it rains?

We play, unless it is a thunderstorm. Playing in the rain is very authentic.

Games canceled due to weather can be postponed to the next available date for both parties.

Our Couriered taggers must be kept out of the rain.

What sort of scope is used? 

A professional red/green dot battery-operated scope: 1x magnification. 


How accurate/ sensitive are the sensors? 

The sensors are durable, have 360 degrees sensitivity and are highly sensitive.